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Welcome to Enhanced Shipping on Bonanza!
BonanzaShelly Nov 8, 2023

Welcome to Enhanced Shipping on Bonanza!

We have an exciting update for you today, Bonanza fam! We're not just simplifying your shipping; we're slashing your costs too. Welcome to Bonanza Shipping – where you get the lowest prices on postage, guaranteed. That’s right, save on every package you send, backed by our money-back promise.

Enjoy unbeatable rates with USPS, UPS, or FedEx, all seamlessly integrated into your Bonanza sales. No more jumping through hoops for the best deal—it's right here!

We've gathered a lot of feedback over the last few years from our sellers about what updates you want from shipping. And our team has been watching the pressure put on ecommerce sellers' bottom line as shipping costs have increased rapidly. Many of our sellers are currently using retail shipping rates or rates that are only slightly below retail. As a business based on supporting our sellers, we looked for ways to help. Bonanza Shipping provides all of our sellers with the low rates below retail that large ecommerce businesses currently receive.

What else sets us apart from the other e-commerce shipping services that provide these rates? No monthly subscription fee!

Print postage labels from the comfort of your home or office, or go paperless with a QR code at your local USPS. It's shipping made smart, quick, and cost-effective.

You can read all about Bonanza Shipping on our help page.

More Updates in the Works: 

  • Bonanza will soon support International Shipping for US based shipments. In the meantime there is no assessment fee for international shipments. 
  • You asked, we listened - updates to your account shipping settings to make setting up shipping simpler.
  • Updates to the way that shipping is shown to buyers in the cart to increase conversions for our sellers.

Our Business is Built to Support Your Business

If you have questions that are not answered in our Shipping on Bonanza help page, we want to hear from you! Please share your questions in the comments here or reach out to our award-winning support team at [email protected].  

Ready to keep more money in your pocket with Bonanza Shipping? We're here to support you every step of the way!  

Learn how to start using Bonanza Shipping today!

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22 responses to Welcome to Enhanced Shipping on Bonanza!

Whispering_Willows says: 11/08/23 at 08:56:13

Awesome thank’s

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 09:43:48

You’re welcome, Our_Road_Ahead! Thanks for being a part of our Bonanza community.

FantasticFinds2014 says: 11/08/23 at 09:03:24

Not thrilled with this one, charging $2.00 an order because a seller prefers another postage option….Yikes!

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 09:49:51

We appreciate your patience with this new shipping program. This has been designed to make shipping cheaper and easier for all of our sellers. Let us know if you run into any issues. Thanks for selling with us since 2009!

Virtual_Mamas_Place says: 11/08/23 at 09:37:48

Thank you for the update Shelly!

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 09:50:24

Hi Sharon! You’re very welcome!

EmpressDepot says: 11/08/23 at 09:44:20

Thank you. I shipped a few packages out yesterday. I thought to myself that it would be nice when I ship directly from within Bonanza. No more going back and forth between Paypal and Bonanza.

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 09:53:14

You’re so welcome! We appreciate your participation. Our shipping program’s essence is to enable our smallest sellers to avail the largest discounts.

FrogAndBearCreations says: 11/08/23 at 09:52:33

as I understand this if I use an approved API like PayPal ShipStation I will not be charged the $2.00?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 09:56:24

Yes, FrogAndBearCreations. I checked your booth and you have correctly entered the information on your shipping page for exemption.

FrogAndBearCreations says: 11/08/23 at 09:57:17

Thank you!

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 10:14:32

You’re welcome!

vintagepaperads3 says: 11/08/23 at 09:58:46

Since you don’t offer international shipments… what happens to the $2.00 fee if an international customer purchases one of our items?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 10:15:35

There is no assessment fee for international shipments at this time. Thanks for the great question.

maneone4u says: 11/08/23 at 10:44:18

This is Awesome. Thank you!

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/08/23 at 12:09:20

You’re welcome, maneone4u!

InfocomShoppe says: 11/08/23 at 17:14:45

Not a fan of this. I purchase my shipping through a site that offers a discount on both UPS and USPS, and I strongly suspect the Bonanza postage is going to end up costing me more. Why not at least give sellers a choice?

BonanzaShelly says in response: 11/09/23 at 13:06:34

We hope you will give Bonanza labels a try. We designed them to be easier and less expensive than any other shipping service. If you have any problems with purchasing please reach out to [email protected]. Thanks for your comment.

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