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Holiday Tips on Advertising
BonanzaShelly Nov 2, 2023

Holiday Tips on Advertising


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Getting Exposure for Your Business

When you sell products online, traffic is everything. Shoppers are out there, just itching to buy something you might be selling. But if they can’t find you, then you’ll never get a chance to make the sale. On the other hand, the more places buyers can find you, the faster your products will sell. The exposure and benefits that advertising brings to your business are especially pertinent during the holiday season. Optimizing for seasonality to get your items as much exposure as possible should be a part of your advertising strategy.

Advertising Platform

Due to the vast amount of shopping that takes place during the holiday months, many sellers choose to bump their advertising commission level to get more eyes on their products.
Our advertising platform has several tiers, each unlocking additional platforms on which to display your products. You can choose what percentage you’d like to opt into and our computers will go to work making bids on your behalf to get your item in front of every possible buyer.
Each tier builds upon the last, unlocking new channels. For example, The basic tier includes all channels from economy and basic; the standard tier includes all channels from economy, basic, and standard, and so on.

Other Advertising Methods


TurboTraffic is a specialized service that drives maximum buyer traffic to sellers who are enrolled as Platinum or Titan members, or for sellers who purchase a TurboTraffic Pack. TurboTraffic works together with Bonanza's advertising program, using the ad platforms you've selected to get maximum exposure for your store.
The impact of TurboTraffic will vary from merchant to merchant, depending on their price point and the type of merchandise sold.
The frequency and length of TurboTraffic depends on a few factors:
  • Membership level. Platinum members can get up to 7 days per month of TurboTraffic, whereas Titan members can get up to 25 days/month.
  • Advertising commission level. The higher the advertising commission level, the longer we can send TurboTraffic to your booth.
  • Conversion rate. Stores with conversion rates above 1% will enjoy longer TurboTraffic runs.
The holidays are a golden opportunity for online retailers, so seizing the moment with a TurboTraffic pack or increasing your ad level can be a game-changer.

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