Where can i get my buyer's contact number?

Hi everyone,good day for you all. I am from Malaysia. International seller. I just got my first sale in Bonanza. May I know where I can get my buyer’s contact number? I need it to book my shipment in Fedex. I’ve sent messages to the buyer for a few times but did’t get any reply. Anyone can help,please. Thanks in advance

asked 2 months ago

3 Answers

If the buyer provided a phone number it would be listed with the sale information. In most cases they do not (providing phone # is optional).
The only way to get the information is to try to contact the buyer and explain that the phone number is needed for the international shipment.

Try going through the buyers paypal email (check your invoices in paypal) if they will not answer through Bonanza

answered 2 months ago

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Gebus_Shop78 November 19, 2020

Yes I’ve tried that, but not delivered as the email is not active. Please anyone, if there’s away. I don’t want to lose my first sale????

Hello. My day job is helping people in the hospital get signed up for state benefits. When I’m doing an online application for disability, if they don’t have a phone number I use 999-999-9999.
That might work for FedEx as well.

answered about 2 months ago

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