Usps shipping taking longer & strange routes?

I’ve noticed a couple of my packages in the past week (USPS first class package) have been taking longer, and seem to have taken a more circuitous route to their destination than usual. Anyone else noticed that?

I’m close to a major hub in NJ, and usually packages go straight from there to wherever is the closest city to the destination. I’ve got a couple of packages that I sent last week that seem to be hopping between states and taking a week to get to the destination. I guess it may be due to the coronovirus challenges, but have not noticed any issues with USPS up until now, and I don’t know why that would make the package need to have MORE handling than usual… Seems strange.

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I dont think they are taking longer routes but YES there are some issues regarding usps check it

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NJ and NY hubs are down workers due to the mail is being re-routed and some mail routes do not have carriers now..

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KazooDecor April 07, 2020

that’s a good point. I didn’t think about mail being re-routed due to staff shortages…

Long before this virus situation, I had a package misdirected. I live just outside Chicago and a buyer in Florida bought an item. I shipped the next day and it finally took 10 days to get there Priority, as it first went all the way to California and then Arizona before arriving to its intended destination. I got penalized by the auction site (for late shipment delivery) on top of it. Like we as sellers have any control over what the USPS does with the item after we turn it over to them for delivery.
Overall, the PO has been OK by me by only damaging or losing 4 items of the over 1200 I have shipped. You would never tell how much I have shipped because not everybody leaves feedback (especially here).

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Everything now is due to the Corna Virus. There will be delays, just all part of it. Of course it is very frustrating on both ends, however, it will be this way for sometime now.

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I mailed a priority flat rate envelope last Thursday from WI. to MN.. Friday it left St. Paul & was to be delivered to the Rochester area. Today~~a week later~~tracking still shows as “in transit to destination”. This really worries me as it was cash going to my daughter to help her out paying bills & buying food. I ended up buying her a gift card at her local grocery so she could get food when the $$ didn’t arrive. I just hope it isn’t lost somewhere (or stolen) as cash isn’t insured.

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When in doubt, it takes 2–5 days to mail something inside the United States, and of that, it for the most part takes 2–3 days inside a similar state. Numerous things can influence this in any case. I have seen mail conveyed the following day inside a similar state and furthermore observed it take 7 days to get across two states.

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When in doubt, it takes 2–5 days to mail something inside the United States, and of that it by and large takes 2–3 days inside a similar state. Numerous things can influence this notwithstanding. I have seen mail conveyed the following day inside a similar state and furthermore observed it take 7 days to get across two states.

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Last night my mail was delivered after 8:00pm and a notice that they attempted to deliver a package at 8:12 pm which they declined to leave saying there was no access. They always leave the packages in the milbox if they can fit or throw it on the front porch and ever ring the bell anyway. Sometimes they deliver early afternoon,sometimes 3:30pm .All winter it was after dark. If the mailbox was on the house it would not be so bad but with these late deliveries it is dangerous for me to walk in the street in the dark. This is not unusual it happens VERY often. In the winter it is particularly hazardous walking into the street in the dark as our mailboxes are required to be on the street. I am 75 years old and live on a busy very rural road with no streetlights and no sidewalks. I have fallen many times getting the mail as my mailbox is on an incline. In asking if I could get delivery at my house I was declined and told I have to have a doctors note. I waited several weeks and had a call that they are working on it but as yet have not received the forms to fill out. The woman at the post office said maybe they could get it done by WINTER when I told her I fell a lot . Would you accept this as problem solving with a company that gave you such poor service?

answered 11 months ago

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All that currently is because of the Corna Virus. There will be delays, simply all piece of it. Obviously it is exceptionally disappointing on the two closures, be that as it may, it will be this way for at some point now.

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IN-TRANSIT is one of the processing stages which means that the parcel is on the way to the delivery. When you place your order, USPS starts processing it. If the package is on its way to the delivery, then we can say that your package is in transit to destination.

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kattinsanity April 17, 2020

I did put a tracer on it thru USPS & it was found still in St. Paul yesterday. It’s on it’s way now so she should get it today. When lost~~report it & they usually find it somewhere.

kattinsanity April 17, 2020

I also have CPAP medical supplies that are sitting in Foest Park IL. for the last 9 days. I reported it to the supplier with no answer so I put a tracer on that package last night. Hopefully they can find that one as well.

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