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All About Bonanza's New Transaction Fee

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As sellers are well aware, marketplaces have continually raised their fees over the years. Bonanza has not made any changes to our fee structure since 2016, despite increasing inflation. As we evaluate the changes to the current economic market, we realize we need to make an adjustment to our pricing policy in order to counter the rise in operational costs. To minimize the impact on our selling community, Bonanza has made the decision to add a flat-rate transaction fee of 25¢ on all completed sales as of the end of August 2022.

  • Bonanza is adding the transactional fee to counter rising costs without raising final value fees.
  • This is not a listing insertion fee. Sellers can continue to post items to Bonanza for free; the only time this fee will be assessed is after a completed sale.
  • All sellers with a Bonanza membership subscription are exempt and will not be affected.
  • Sellers can continue to make commission-free sales to negate the final value fee. [Note that the 25¢ fee will still apply]
  • Sellers can continue to use rewards tokens toward fee payments.

We recognize that this impacts you as a small business because weare a small business.... (continued)

PayPal Settings for Easy Guest Checkout

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It can get tricky keeping track of all the settings in your PayPal account, so I wanted to let our sellers know about some options that help facilitate sales.

Guest Checkout

Not all buyers want a PayPal account, and that's why we offer guest checkout. However, the option that allows guest checkout may not be turned on in your PayPal account. Of course buyers can still check out no matter the setting, but without the guest checkout option enabled they are asked to create a PayPal account when entering their card number. If you'd like to check your settings, I've outlined the steps below as a general guide using a personal account, your PayPal dashboard may look different. 

Personal PayPal Account

Log into your PayPal account and click on Settings in the upper right of the page. Then click on Seller Tools and then Website Preferences. Scroll down to the section titled "PayPal account optional". Select "ON".








Contact telephone number

Do you need a contact phone number from your buyers to be able to buy shipping for their order? If so, you may want to look at the options... (continued)

TurboTraffic Giveaway

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One of the very best features ever released on Bonanza, in my opinion, is TurboTraffic. TurboTraffic is unique to Bonanza and can have lasting positive effects on a seller's booth. We'll talk a bit about TurboTraffic and how it works in this blog, and at the conclusion we invite you to enter to win a free TurboTraffic pack by commenting on this post.

Say you are at your neighborhood park. There are some great, tall swings there. Getting on the swing is similar to opting into advertising. Buying a TurboTraffic pack would be like having Bonanza behind you to give you a super big starting push. That gets you going pretty high on the swing and is great fun. And when you make some sales, we'll still be behind you, giving you another push.

So how long exactly does TurboTraffic last? Here's how Bill, our CEO, describes it:

The length of time that the Turbo Traffic runs for depends on two factors: how many buyers visit, and how many sales you make from those visits. Every time that a buyer finds your item from Google or our affiliate network, we pay a small amount on your behalf. So if you... (continued)

Bonanza's 14th Anniversary Membership Sale Starts Now!

image of anniversary celebration

Anniversary Week has arrived! We’re so excited to show our appreciation for the Bonanza community. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are just starting out, I’d like to extend a wholehearted THANK YOU from all of us at Bonanza HQ.

14th Annual Membership Sale

Save big on a membership PLUS increase your sales!

Save an additional 25% off annual Gold, Platinum, and Titan membership subscriptions, now through June 26th.

Sign up now to save on membership-only features designed for professional sellers like you. Don’t miss this opportunity for huge savings on a membership that will benefit your business all year long.

  • Access to live support chat (Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • Apply discounts as visible markdowns (Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • Appear in sponsored listing results when buyers search for keywords mentioned in your listing title or description (Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • More insight with advanced item stats (Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • Attract up to 300% more shoppers with TurboTraffic (Gold, Platinum, Titan)
  • Personalized consultations with our merchant account manager (Titan)
  • More advertising channels with no additional commission (Titan) 

Membership checklist

Bonanza membershipscome with a variety of great tools and features to make selling on Bonanza a breeze. But... (continued)

Where to Sell Clothes? Bonanza!

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If your long sweater or patterned leggings no longer spark joy, it might be time to list them on Bonanza. Selling your clothes online has never been easier, and we've put together some helpful tips to get you started.

If you're like me, you've had "Clean out closet" on your Amplenote to-do list for so long that it's growing barnacles. So get in there and start decluttering, then sell the clothes that aren't right for you instead of throwing them away. Reducing waste and making some extra cash? Now that's what we call a win-win.

Sorting and pricing what will sell

Lay out your old clothes with a critical eye to see what you want to list for sale. Clothes should be in good repair, washed, and ironed. You can look up listings for similar pre-loved pieces to see whether they’ve recently sold and at what price point. This will help you decide what’s appealing to used clothing buyers, and what price you can get. You can always upcycle or recycle clothes that won’t sell or aren’t in good enough condition.

Think seasonally, too. You can list your wool coat in spring, but the items that will get the most... (continued)

Listing Handmade and Made-to-Order Items

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Do you have handmade or made-to-order items and struggle with all the settings to list them? We have created this blog as a guide to improve your Bonanza listings and the Etsy listings you've already imported to Bonanza.

What items are considered handmade or made-to-order?

These are items that you or a worker affiliated with your business has made. That could mean making French Macarons or sewing a costume using a buyer's measurements.


Use your own images when listing a product. If the actual item ordered has not been made yet, note clearly in the description that the images shown are purely for example. Never use any third party's images, as they may infringe upon intellectual property rights.


  • Where possible, list your item in a "Custom," "Handmade," or "Handcrafted" subcategory, for example "Jewelry & Watches >> Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry"
    • If a "Custom," "Handmade," or "Handcrafted" subcategory does not exist for your type of item, the Brand can be listed as "Custom," "Handmade," or "Handcrafted"

  • Check your listing's description to be sure it accurately states the lead-time for made-to-order items; that is, the amount of time it takes to complete production before the item is shipped to the buyer.... (continued)

Sitewide Spring Sale Starts Today!

image of spring scene

Today is the first day of our annual Sitewide Spring Sale! We're so excited to have many of our sellers participate by creating a shared coupon code. Add SpringSale2022 to your cart to see if the item you are purchasing qualifies!

It's a little chilly in Seattle this week, but warm weather is just around the corner. That makes this the perfect time to shop from the comfort of your home, and at a discount.

You can start by searching your favorite seller's booth or by visiting our Bonanza Coupons and Deals page to see all items currently on sale.

Use "SpringSale2022" as your coupon code

All of our sellers have been invited to create a coupon with a customized discount for this week, May 4th - 11th. Since the same discount code (SpringSale2022) is shared by all participating sellers, you can add it to your cart when purchasing from any seller to see if they are offering a discount. (It's not too late to create a coupon if you haven't yet!)

How do I pay if I don't have a PayPal account?

Our most asked question from buyers checking out is "Can I pay with a credit card?"... (continued)

Bonanza's Sitewide Spring Sale

image of spring sale

It's that time of year again! Tulips and daffodils are blooming, Mother's Day is just around the corner, and the sun is peeking out to give us hope for a warm spring. Plus, it's time for Bonanza's site-wide Spring Sale!

All sellers can participate

Here's how it works: Create a coupon in your booth with the coupon code "SpringSale2022" (instructions below). Assign any discount amount to your coupon, from $5 off to 25% off. Buyers will be able to used this shared coupon code to buy items throughout the site, with the discount amount being unique to each seller. The sale will start on May 4th and last until May 11th.

We'll be advertising the sale on all social media accounts, and we encourage you to do the same. You can use the hashtags #BonanzaSpringSale, #SpringSale, #shopBonanza, #BonanzaMarket, #Sale, and #CommunitySale. We'll be posting announcements about the sale that you can share with your network. Follow us on social media here:

To announce your participation in the sale to buyers visiting your booth, you are welcome to use this new temporary booth banner:

We'll also be promoting the sale through an email campaign to our marketplace buyers... (continued)

Why Bonanza is a great Etsy Alternative

image of art

Many artisans are looking for Etsy alternatives to sell their handmade items. Bonanza makes it easy to diversify your exposure. Being visible on multiple platforms can give you a competitive advantage and help you reach different kinds of shoppers.

Bonanza is a seller-friendly marketplace for promoting unique items, with several advantages many marketplaces don't have.

  • Opportunities to advertise on places like Google Shopping
  • Easy to import items
  • Lower transaction fees
  • No product listing fees

We have many former and current Etsy sellers online here at Bonanza. We also have many talented artists and craftsmen of our own. 

Are you an artist or artisan selling handmade goods?

We'd love to see your work! In the comments below post a link to your Bonanza booth. Tell us what sort of art you are selling on Bonanza and what your inspiration is. 

To get started, we'll introduce you to a few of our finest!

Lake Jubilation Abstract Art Painting by Joey Santiago Fine Art

"Along with music, art has always been a passion of mine, since very young. A few years ago, I discovered painting as a method for treating my depression, which I suffered from for many years. After finding my passion... (continued)

PayPal Business Account provides credit card payments on-site

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Consider this: as a shopper at checkout, you want to be sure that your preferred method of payment is available.  We’ve heard loud and clear that our sellers want to offer more payment methods to buyers. Why? Because it creates more opportunities for shoppers to complete a purchase, and that’s a win!

Towards that end, we’ve worked with our partner, PayPal, to make their full suite of payment methods available to Bonanza sellers with PayPal Business accounts.

PayPal Business Accounts Offer Buyers More Ways to Pay

If you have a PayPal Business account, also known as PayPal Commerce Platform, you can offer your shoppers more ways to pay. In addition to standard PayPal payments and PayPal Credit payments, sellers with a PayPal Business account which meets the criteria for Advanced Payments can also accept unbranded credit card payments. This allows buyers without a PayPal account to easily purchase items from your booth using their credit or debit card.

How Will This Benefit You?

PayPal business allows your booth on Bonanza to accept unbranded credit card processing (meaning a buyer does not have to log into a PayPal account to submit a payment to you). Learn more about the difference... (continued)

Win Free TurboTraffic

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With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to use TurboTraffic to boost sales. That means we're back with another raffle to give away five free TurboTraffic packs!

While we have your attention, we also want to remind you of our Refer a Friend program. Do you know someone that would appreciate expanding and diversifying their business by opening a booth on Bonanza?

Refer a Friend and Earn Tokens

Invite a fellow entrepreneur to open a booth on Bonanza. When they celebrate their first sale, you'll both receive 5,000 tokens!

Bonanza has several free tools in place that every one of you can take advantage of to make commission-free sales. These are not special promotions; they are everyday methods we've had in place for years. Our "Refer a Friend" program is great because you can use the free tokens to either help pay commission fees or receive another reward of your choice.

Bonanza Rewards Tokens can be redeemed for discounts on your seller fees, a Bonanza t-shirt, a free month of a Bonanza Membership, or a surprise Bonanza gift package!

Visit the link below to access your unique referral URL that you can share... (continued)

Bonanza 101: Advertising

image of dollar signs

Bonanza has one of the very best programs for advertising in the industry. How is that, you might ask? This may sound crazy, but you can open a booth, add items for sale, and we will advertise every single one of them without you having to spend a dime up-front. It's true! Read on for ways to make the most of our phenomenal advertising benefit.

How does advertising on Bonanza work?

When you opt-in to Bonanza’s advertising program, you decide how much you want to pay as a Final Value Fee for each transaction and we cover the advertising costs at your chosen rate until your item sells.

Choose from one of our four advertising levels, which offer a range of fees and benefits:

  • Basic (9% fee)
  • Standard (13% fee)
  • Superior (19% fee)
  • Elite (30% fee)

Higher advertising levels unlock access to additional shopping channels and include a higher ad spend to drive more buyer traffic to your listings.

How do I decide which advertising level is best for my business?

Bonanza’s advertising program is designed to be a simple way for our sellers to attract shoppers from all across the internet. Behind the scenes, Bonanza pays for each ad click... (continued)

Bonanza 101: Shipping

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With the new year, we have decided to create a blog series called "Bonanza 101." Whether you have just joined our community or are a long-time Bonanza seller wanting to refresh your booth, we hope that everyone finds useful tips for how to use your account tools to help your business thrive.

Now more than ever before, shoppers are knowledgeable when it comes to checking the shipping cost and delivery timeline when making a purchase. They will expect a tracking number added to the order by the "Ships Within" time and delivery to follow as stated in the listing. No matter how you populate your booth with inventory (CVS file, import, or New Item Form), it's important to show accurate shipping costs. Bonanza has many different shipping types available for you to choose from.

Ships From Address

Before you start working on setting up shipping, it is best practice to add your "Ships From" address to your booth. Point to the "Selling" link at the top left corner of any page and click on "Booth Settings." From there, select the "Shipping & Returns" tab. The first item on the page is the time you will need to post the order... (continued)

How Bonanza's Two Most Popular Tools Got Better in 2021

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Happy 2022! In 2021 we again turned to you, our sellers, to direct our work on the site. We listened to your feedback and heard the two most important features to our sellers are the eBay importer and our advertising program. In addition to refining the eBay importer, we worked with Google Shopping to improve the visibility of our sellers' listings for the new year. Curious about these updates? Read below for more details!

Improvements to the Importer

With stability in mind, we completed work to update and improve our eBay importer. Since eBay regularly makes changes to the way they process listings and sales, we are always making adjustments to match their updated regulations. This means you can synchronize your listings between eBay and Bonanza with confidence. Contact our support team so they can review your settings and ensure you are set up correctly for your business model.

One common question about syncing with eBay is whether the importer will update prices. The daily sync will only update quantities, so when you have pricing changes, just select the option to "Import new and revised items (overwrite of existing items)". This option will update the price and any other changes... (continued)

Handling Holiday Returns

image of holiday ornaments

A huge shout-out to all of the amazing sellers here at Bonanza this holiday season! Thanks for all you do to keep customers happy and coming back to the site. We appreciate your efforts and are working hard to support you in your business.

While the holidays bring extra sales, there are also inevitably returns to go along with them. Returns are a fairly common occurrence for e-commerce businesses, but you can use the experience to your advantage. The right policy and procedures can boost repeat purchases and earn customer loyalty. In this article, we will review our refund process all the way through to our sellers getting their refund for the commission fee.

Bonanza is home to over 40,000 sellers, each with unique business needs and individual policies. There’s no “one size fits all” return process at Bonanza because we want you to have the option to handle returns in a way that works best for your business. However, there are three major steps to processing a return on Bonanza, each customizable to your business model.

Step 1: Receiving the returned item

Customers are often disappointed or frustrated when an item they bought doesn’t work out, so keeping a... (continued)

Holiday tips from our Seller Advisory Panel

image of tis the season to be jolly

By golly, be jolly! It's the holidays, and the experienced sellers on our Seller Advisory Panel have kindly shared their tips to promote sales and goodwill at Bonanza.

Are you ready? Great! Let's start with Tom, who has been selling on Bonanza since 2008.

Tom at ShopperLane Surplus & Resale

Consider using Bonanza's TurboTraffic(TT) advertising feature to increase your holiday sales. As Bonanza indicates, "TurboTraffic increases your advertising bids, boosts visibility on Google Shopping, and drives more shoppers to your items each day. Many sellers using TurboTraffic see their traffic and sales double or triple." I use it during the holiday season on select items (usually holiday related, or items that tend to sell well during the holidays) to increase advertising views. Choosing the items that I want to advertise allows me to focus my advertising dollars on items that are higher in demand during that period. Also, I can choose between advertising levels to get maximum views during a shorter period of time (spending my dollars quickly) or I can spread out my advertising over a longer period to get the maximum value for my dollars. The best part is that when TT sales occur, some of those... (continued)

Enter to Win Bonanza TurboTraffic for the Holidays!

image of bullhorn, notepad, speech bubble

It's that time of the year again: we're having our TurboTraffic Raffle! We want to help you take advantage of the traffic increase during the holiday season so we're giving ten lucky sellers a free TurboTraffic pack to get things rolling. Just leave a comment below and you will be automatically entered into our raffle; it's that easy!

Since people shop online for most items year-round, TurboTraffic packs are effective anytime, but they work best during the busiest shopping season - can you say, Black Friday? Cyber Monday? The entire month of December?

The holiday season offers more bang-for-your-advertising-buck because shoppers are urgently purchasing gifts and are more likely to convert into sales. Make sure you have your listings set up for search optimization for the best results. 

TurboTraffic packs are one-time “booster packs” you can purchase to double or triple your shopper traffic for a short period of time (usually a few days). Typically, TurboTraffic purchased via an individual pack will start within 24 hours of purchase. You can even purchase multiple packs so that they run back-to-back and continue to drive traffic to your booth.* Any individual TurboTraffic packs you purchase will activate once your current TurboTraffic (associated with... (continued)

Bonanza Holiday Sale Open to all Sellers

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It's time for Bonanza's annual holiday sale! Consumers are getting an early start on shopping this year which makes this your time to shine! Participation in our community sale is easy, and it's a great way to kickoff the holiday shopping season.

All you have to do is create a coupon for your booth using the redemption code "BonanzaHolidays2021". Each seller can set their own discount for the code.

Everyone can join in!

  • The sale is aimed at buyers looking to get an early start on their holiday shopping so items are likely to arrive by December 24 despite delays in supply chains and shipping services.
  • Our Community Sale will start on November 10th and run through November 17th, 2021.
  • Sellers can participate by creating a coupon code and naming it 'BonanzaHolidays2021'.
  • You can choose any discount percentage or dollar amount for your coupon. Although your coupon code will share the same name as other sellers, the discount you create will be unique to your booth.
  • Spread the word! Post it on your social media account, seller forums, and in emails. Your customers will not want to miss this event! On social media, use the following hashtags: #BonanzaHolidaySale, #HolidaySale, #shopBonanza,... (continued)

Getting Relevant and Targeted Traffic to Increase Sales

image of target audience

Are you actively anticipating an avalanche of early holiday sales? Buyers are realizing that shipping times are less predictable than in previous years. Last year we saw early holiday shopping, and this year buyers may start even earlier. You can get a head start on holiday prep work by optimizing your listings for Search Engines. This Search Engine Optimization video with all our tips and tricks is a great place to start.

Search Engine Optimization on Bonanza

Help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Bonanza is among the top requests from our community. We've built some great programs into our site to optimize your listings for you behind the scenes, but there's more you can do if you want to maximize your sales and get even more views from Google Shopping and our affiliates. From how to write your listing title to adding traits, I’m here to provide you with the details your listings need to include so that shoppers can find them!

Listing Title

  • Always follow the “Left to Right” rule: Brand, Gender, Product Type, Color, Size, Keyword Phrases
  • Make full use of the first 70 characters by using strong keywords
  • Do not use all capital letters... (continued)

Find The Best Amazon Alternative at Bonanza

image of bullhorn, notepad, speech bubble

Bonanza won Most Recommended Marketplace, Best Communication, and Best Customer Service in the 2021 eCommerceBytes Sellers Choice Awards. We performed equally well in 2020. If you are an online seller you will find many advantages to selling products online from a booth on Bonanza. It is commonly known that Bonanza is a great eBay alternative, and there are even more reasons that it is the best alternative to Amazon.

Our Business: Built to Propel Your Business

At Bonanza, we empower entrepreneurs to create their dream businesses, minus the busy work. Building your online store takes vision, dedication, and time -- so you need to know you’re building on a solid foundation. That’s why we work tirelessly to create the best tools available to drive sales and help you build a vibrant, stable ecommerce shop.

Voted the #1 Amazon alternative in 2021

More Control

Take charge of your sales. Reach millions of buyers on Google Shopping and market directly to your own customers.

Free Listings

That’s right – listing your items on Bonanza is free. Listings never expire and you pay nothing until they sell.

Lower Fees

Tired of high costs? Our final value fees start at 3.5%. That’s about a... (continued)

Outfy Makes Social Media Marketing on Bonanza Simple

image of bullhorn, notepad, speech bubble

Outfy has provided this guest blog. The Bonanza Partner Program features ecommerce services that we believe can help you grow your business. We receive no compensation for this blog post or if you subscribe to Outfy.

Social media is one of the most influential virtual spaces for an online business to be present in. It is used extensively to build networks, advertise products, and nurture brands.

Doing all this efficiently and successfully is, literally, easier said than done. It is for this reason that your online business on needs a versatile, friendly, and financially rewarding tool to help you with your social media marketing plans.

In other words, if you haven't already, you should introduce your online business to the benefits of Outfy. Here is a bonanza of great reasons why.

A bonanza of benefits 

Because the world is rife with apps, the last thing you need is another one that has no good reason to be in your busy life. Happily, Outfy has a basketful of essential benefits for you. Let's get into them without further ado.

Widen your social media footprint

Outfy supports content creation and sharing for all the top social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram,... (continued)

New! Bonanza's Gold Membership Has TurboTraffic Advertising

image of bullhorn, notepad, speech bubble

Now, Bonanza's Gold membership has TurboTraffic! You asked for it, and we heard you. In our Seller Survey and the Seller Advisory Panel, many sellers requested that advertising be added to the Gold Membership level. We're happy to share that this feature is now live.

Bonanza offers sellers five membership levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titan and Titan Ad. And now, our most popular membership now has an extra perk: advertising! Gold members have already enjoyed added benefits like customizing your booth sort order and creating special sales promotions using visible markdowns, but only Platinum and Titan members received TurboTraffic. We have now added that extra boost of traffic to the Gold level.

Watch a short video on how to sign up for a membership.


TurboTraffic is an advertising program that Bonanza offers to drive maximum buyer traffic to sellers who are enrolled as Gold, Platinum or Titan members, or to sellers who have purchased an individual TurboTraffic Pack. It works together with Bonanza's standard advertising program, using the ad platforms you've selected to get maximum exposure for your booth.

How often and how long will TurboTraffic be enabled if I sign up as a Gold,... (continued)

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