How to be Featured on Bonanza's Coupons & Deals page

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We've wrapped up our community sale and want to thank all the sellers who participated. In case you missed it, we created a coupon code that all sellers could add to their booth. Sellers got the word out to their customers, we promoted the sale on social media, and we sent emails to past buyers to let them know about the sale.

40% of sellers that participated in our Spring Community Sale were rewarded with a sale from a buyer using the shared coupon code!

If you didn't use our shared code, SpringSale2021, you may have still received a sale from our Coupons & Deals page. We included a link to the page in our buyer emails. (A reminder to sellers, the coupon will remain valid until you remove it.)

How to get featured on our Coupons & Deals page

Even with the spring community sale over, you can still create a coupon or discount for your booth and have it featured on the Coupons & Deals page. Creating custom coupons automatically allows your booth to be shown on this highly viewed page. Not sure how to create a coupon?

Learn about creating coupons and discounts here

Everyone loves getting a deal, and the Coupons & Deals page gets some really good traffic. If you create a coupon, it will automatically be posted to the page. You can find the page by going to, and pointing to the last option in the category header, "Shop by". From the drop-down menu, click on "Coupons & Deals".

Check out all the hot Coupons & Deals there! The first section shows coupons and discounts for items you've shopped for.

Below the Top Deals for You, the coupons are separated into categories, like "Home & Garden." When you click on a category, you can use several filters to refine your search.

The next community sale will be for the holidays, but you can create a coupon today and it will automatically be advertised for you on the Coupons & Deals page.

Happy Bonanzling!

P.S. Our video tutorial of the day is "How to add tracking to your order". Hope you enjoy it!


4 responses to How to be Featured on Bonanza's Coupons & Deals page

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    05/18/21 at 12:33:31

    Thanks for the info. I did get some sales from the sale event.

    BonanzaJudy says in response:
    05/18/21 at 16:51:31


    That is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • supsilver says:
    05/20/21 at 08:42:17

    Thank you wonderful information. I have already done.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    05/21/21 at 05:14:20

    That’s great, supsilver! Glad you were able to make a coupon for the Coupon & Deals page.

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