Accurate Delivery Dates Promote Happy Customers

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Last week I talked about Bonanza's discount shipping label program. This week I am following up with tools we've created to clarify delivery times for your customers. You can set up shipping timelines in your Booth Settings to display an accurate delivery date on each of your listings. This is an easy way to meet (or even exceed!) your customer's expectations for their shopping experience.

What is your handling time?

Your handling time is the maximum number of business days between when the item is purchased and when you ship it to the buyer. You can specify this information in advance. It's called "Items ship within" on the "Shipping & returns" page of your Booth Settings. Use it to set the number of days until a buyer should expect to see a tracking number on their order. This information provides clarity for the buyer and saves you both time since they don't have to write to you to ask about their order status.

To give the buyer an estimated delivery date, we add the handling time you entered in the "Items ship within" field to the number of days associated with your shipping method. This delivery estimate is then displayed on your listings.

Setting up multiple handling times

Some sellers have inventory warehoused in different locations and need the handling time to be specific to the listing. We've got you covered! Go to your Batch Editor tool , select the "Shipping" tab, enter the handling time, and then select the listings to apply it to. This will override the main booth setting as described above for those listings selected.

Use shipping profiles to save time

shipping profile is a way to save shipping rules that you tend to use repeatedly.

If you use shipping profiles, you can add handling time to them, too. Use the field "Shipping time estimate" to fill in the number of days it will take you to ship the orders.

Send an after-sale message to your customers

To add a personal touch to the buying experience and to remind customers of the delivery date, use this feature. It's called "After-sale message" on the "Payments & purchases" page of your Booth Settings. We will send this automated message to your customers after they place an order. This message is sent in addition to the order confirmation email that the buyer receives. It's a simple way to say thank you in your own words while further confirming when they can expect their item.

Here is an example template:

“Thank you for your purchase from (your booth name)! Your order is being processed. You should see a tracking number on your order within (X)  business days, and delivery in (X-X) business days. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. After your order has arrived, we would be happy to receive feedback from you. Thank you for your business!”

By providing your customers with a clear delivery date from the start and an after-sale message of thanks, you can promote positive feedback on your transactions and increase the possibility of repeat sales.

Happy Bonanzling!


27 responses to Accurate Delivery Dates Promote Happy Customers

  • gollitexas says:
    07/28/20 at 20:55:48

    this is really good customer service. always good to be reminded of the right way to do things. thanks.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/29/20 at 12:38:35

    You’re welcome gollitexas!You are doing a great job already by the looks of your 5-star feedback rating!

  • randomfashion_ga says:
    07/28/20 at 20:57:22

    thanks for lets us know.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/29/20 at 12:39:12

    You’re welcome randomfashion_ga!

  • Nola_Discount_Shop says:
    07/28/20 at 22:32:38

    Thanks for this information. It will assist us with providing better service and options for our buyers.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/29/20 at 12:39:46

    So glad to hear it, Nola_Discount_Shop!

  • Fantasy_Zone says:
    07/29/20 at 02:24:43

    ProTip: It’s a dangerous precedent to promise a delivery window personally. Your customer will expect the item BEFORE that time.
    Always go with what your carrier quotes as a minimum, and add five business days to that if it’s going overseas.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/29/20 at 12:45:05

    Hi Fantasy_Zone! With international shipping, it’s fair to warn buyers of irregular delivery times due to COVID-19. You can adjust your after-sale message to include that information.

  • ClevelandOneStop says:
    07/29/20 at 06:05:24

    If you ship via USPS it is currently impossible to provide even a close delivery date. Since this Covid19, the USPS has been horrible. I currently have an item I sold on July 9th. I shipped it on July 9th and it still hasn’t arrived to its destination. Finally as of today July 29th there is an update in the tracking that it is being processed through the destination city. This has happened with my shipments three times now since Covid19.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/30/20 at 08:47:50

    Hi Shawn! Thanks for your feedback about shipping times. With delivery dates inconsistent, it is important to stay in touch with your customer about their delivery. Your booth is set up perfectly and your response time to messages is excellent. Setting up handling times and shipping methods are essential for all sellers to give buyers an estimate of delivery time, and you have done a great job in your booth. We also have an alert right next to the delivery time on every listing about COVID delays.

  • Tape_Xpress says:
    07/29/20 at 07:47:42

    Thank you for the info, but there is something that all marketplaces have to address (and none has done yet) that is letting customers know that delivery times in these COVID19 days are having issues and delays in a great percentage. USPS sent us all a warning, saying that we must add at least 1 business day to the projected or estimated delivery times, so it’s up to Bonanza to inform it to all of the marketplace members and not letting all the responsibility on the sellers’ shoulders.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/29/20 at 14:10:48

    Hi Tape_Xpress! If you click into one of your listings, you will see this informational tip directly under the shipping time " Please note that disruptions due to the coronavirus may affect shipping estimates. Please contact the seller for specific information about shipping times." Hope this helps!

  • SpaceAgeAntiques says:
    07/29/20 at 11:13:39

    I am all for keeping customers happy, to a point. I will send a message as to when I will ship the package, but I do not about delivery dates. This is not in my control. We are living in a Covid world now and delays are happening.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/29/20 at 14:22:53

    Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. Adding a tracking number and responding to messages helps. I see a lot of positive feedback in your booth for your excellent communication skills!

  • STOREABS says:
    07/29/20 at 19:41:44

    This is a great information!
    Thank you

    BonanzaJudy says in response:
    07/30/20 at 04:04:08

    Hi, Storeabs, We are thrilled you found the information helpful. You are most welcome!

  • DylmanGardens says:
    07/30/20 at 04:01:48

    Disruptions due to covid and stating it in the listing doesn’t help. Ship by dates are great, but no one can guarantee actual delivery dates. There is no way to do so in this situation. Some of our shipments have gone missing, lost somewhere, or just not delivered. We not only sell on here but on eBay as well. We are trying to keep shipping prices low so the customer is happy, but sometimes we have to ship out replacements because customers haven’t received their item. That ends up cutting into our bottom line, but we do it because of our customers. The Post Office is taking a huge hit right now as it is because of employees not getting overtime. And this is due to the increase in packages being sent. It’s a burden on our system. How do we make our customers aware of a situation like this when it is completely out of our control?

    BonanzaJudy says in response:
    07/30/20 at 04:31:02

    Hi, DylmanGardens,

    Shipping delays during the COVID situation do happen. It sounds like you are already taking steps to keep customers informed and satisfied which is a good thing! Thank you for taking care of your buyers. That is awesome.

    Bonanza has already taken proactive steps to help inform buyers prior to a purchase regarding possible shipping delays,

    Every listing has the following notation:

    Please note that disruptions due to the coronavirus may affect shipping estimates. Please contact the seller for specific information about shipping times.[end notation]

    Communication is key. If a shipment is delayed for any reason, reach out to the buyer immediately to let them know. Don’t wait until a buyer contacts the seller to find out shipment info, be the first to communicate.

    Always leave the decision in the hands of the buyer. The buyer may not want to wait so be sure to ask what the buyer wishes to do: wait until the item can be shipped or cancel the order. That allows the seller and buyer become partners in the transaction and is far more likely to gain a customer than just a one time buyer.

    If a buyer elects to cancel a delayed order, consider offering to let them know when the item can be safely shipped again, then notify the buyer supplying the link to the active listing again so they can purchase again.

    As far as protecting against financial loss, consider insuring all shipments. If a package is lost or damaged file the insurance claim with the carrier. Yes it takes a bit to process the insurance claim however that is much better than totally losing funds due to no insurance.

    Just some thoughts that might help with shipments impacted by shipping delays.

  • ccmom says:
    07/30/20 at 13:19:23

    Shipping times have been difficult lately. Luckily the only package delays I have in sending is those going to MI, however, items that I have ordered (6 packages) from CA have been sitting in Atlanta since June 24. Our postmaster sent an email to Atlanta a few days ago and as of yesterday, one of the packages has arrived. I do not know of other postmasters, but the one at my local PO..says not to file lost or insurance claims at least for 6 weeks.
    At this time, I do not estimate anything beyond what the PO states at their site.
    When things settle down, the information may be of more use

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/31/20 at 11:11:16

    Hi ccmom! Thanks for sharing your shipping experience. Sorry to hear of the issues you’ve had. Some areas may be more troublesome than others, but it sounds like you are doing everything you can to be sure your customers receive their packages. Thank you!

  • TurtleCreamBeans says:
    07/30/20 at 20:12:46

    Thank you for the information, I added 1 day handling as I always try to ship everything out right away to insure a happy customer.

    BonanzaShelly says in response:
    07/31/20 at 11:11:46

    Sounds great, TurtleCreamBeans!

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